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Laptop Bag

Our laptop bag can portect and hold your laptop.It include multiple storage compartments and features to help your trips.On the the inside,the  bag provide a variety of pockets for keeping smaller items and easy to find.on the outside,it provides a removable adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.



3.Body Material: Snowflake fabric

4.Warranty: 2 year warranty

5.Style No.: MS-1213R

Category: Others

•Professional 10"taplet pocket and 14"laptop pocket

•Removable adjustable shoulder straps

•USB charge port

•Handle sleeve cover

•Duarable snowflake polester

Metric Sizes
Metric – Dimensions

Height cmLength cmWidth cmWeight kgsCapacity (ltrs)


MS-1213R (电脑袋)详情图.jpg

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